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Animal Physical Rehabilitation

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Based in New Braunfels, TX!

Animal physical rehabilitation is also known as physical therapy for your pets! Pet wellness is an important aspect of being a pet owner. If your pet is not physically fit they are at risk for injury and other health issues such as arthritis. 

Physical rehabilitation can help prevent injury, health problems associated with being overweight, and improve your animals ability to be an active family member. 

We are a mobile clinic that services animals located in New Braunfels and nearby areas. If you are located outside this area please still reach out to us, we would still love to work with you!

Meet Emily

Certified Animal Rehab & Conditioning Specialist

Emily is an avid animal lover and has always wanted to help animals be happy for life! She has dreamed of helping animals since she was a child and then found out about canine rehabilitation in college. 

Emily holds a doctorate of physical therapy. While in school she started to plan out how to become a canine rehabilitation practitioner. Her goal as a CCRP is to help your pets of all ages, shapes, and sizes to live long healthy and happy lives!


Helping pets be active and healthy for life!