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Meet Emily

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner


I believe every animal should be loved and cherished their whole life! I have had animals since I was a child and have always dreamed of working with them one day. Animals, especially dogs, have helped me throughout my life.  Animals love unconditionally and will do anything to make us happy. They have the purest hearts and I want to help give back to them when they need it most.


While in school for my doctorate in physical therapy I found the CCRP program through UT of TN. Immediately I decided when I was done with my schooling I would become a CCRP to help animals to live a happy and healthy life.


Pawsitive Rehab was created to share my love for animals and knowledge of how to help them so that they can live their best life. 


Pawsitive Rehab is all about helping animals in all stages of life.  We offer custom tailored programs for your pets specific needs. Our staff will re-evaluate their progress at each follow up visit and monthly to make sure we are addressing all of their needs. We offer a variety of services as well as packages that are at a discounted rate. Pawsitive Rehab is a fear free atmosphere for our patients. We want them to want to come exercise with us and enjoy their time.  


Our Canine CEO (CCEO) is Charlie. He strives to keep the work place flow going and sometimes turns into the fun police. Charlie is an avid singer, excellent herder, and big love bug. He is a 10 year old Corgi/Retriever mix that is full of love that he wants to share. 


Our Assistant to the CCEO is Summer. She is a shy and loving Collie/Retriever mix. Summers' goal is to keep everyone in the work area they are supposed to be in and 

inspect treats to make sure that they are delicious enough for the patients.

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