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About Pawsitive Rehab

Our goal at Pawsitive Rehab is to create a program that is customized for your pet. 

The Pawsitive Rehab & Conditioning Program

Pawsitive Rehab is an animal physical rehabilitation and conditioning clinic. When your pets are injured, have surgery, are overweight, or even clumsy they can benefit from personalized holistic rehabilitation care.

When animals are in pain they express that pain in many ways. They can act out, become unmotivated, gain or lose weight, get depressed and much more. As owners we do not always know how to tell when something is wrong with our pets.


That is where we come into the picture. Pawsitive Rehab can help you figure out why your animal is not acting the same and not doing the things they used to love. 


To get started you will need to set up an initial evaluation. This is where we will talk about what has been going on with your pet, perform an in-depth hands on assessment of their current level of function, and then create an individualized program based on your animals specific needs. 

After the evaluation is complete we will set up follow-up appointments. These appointments are important to help keep your animal progressing through their program and assist you with your home program.  Appointments can include: manual therapy performed by the rehab practitioner, balance exercises, conditioning exercises, mobility exercises, modalities for pain relief (Assisi loop, laser therapy), and much more. 


Pawsitive Rehab Workshop

As we gain more clients we plan to host workshop and classes on best practices to keep your dog happy and healthy. 

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