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Finding the Treatment That's Right for Your Pet

Pawsitive Rehab uses various types of tools and methods to help rehab your furry friend. Check out the treatments below to see some of treatments prescribed during follow up appointments.

dog massage.jpeg

Manual Therapy

Hands on treatment provided by your CCRP. Manual therapy includes: joint mobilization, passive range of motion, stretching, and massage. 

laser therapy.jpeg

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has many benefits for your furry friend. The main effects include: decreasing swelling, anti-inflammatory, stimulating the tissue repair process, and pain relief. This can ultimately lead to decrease use of pain medication. 

dog exercise.jpeg

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercises designed to improve strength, stability, endurance, and flexibility of your pet.


Weight loss and Conditioning

Increased weight on joints can lead to debilitating issues such as arthritis. Individualized weight loss and conditioning programs can help your pet live happier and healthier lives. A conditioned pet also decreases the likelihood of surgery, health problems, and the need for medications later in life. 

ice pack.jpeg


Heat, cryotherapy, electrical stimulation, and Assisi Loop.  

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